Keychain Puff Ball

This keychain puff ball is quite fluffy. But if you would like it to be even more amazingly fluffy, you can use your hair dryer to make it even puffier. This item comes in many vibrant colors that are rich and beautiful. The fun fact is that this top quality puff ball is made of one hundred percent authentic rabbit fur.

If you find that you lose your chap stick or lipstick easily in the jungle of stuff inside your purse or briefcase, then this little sweet device will help to keep your chap stick or lipstick right where you need it every time. This cute puff is also highly valuable, as it will hold your keys as well. Therefore, both your keys and lipstick will always be easily accessible.

When you need to give a gift to someone, it is ideal to purchase this puff ball keychain due to the fact that you will get four of them in the package. They, therefore, are rather inexpensive to give to several people in your group as thoughtful, unique and charming gifts. Give them to friends, bridesmaids, mom and sisters.

These puff ball keychains are wonderfully made with real style, uniqueness and elegance. It is truly evident that they are made with real quality. They wash well and become even more vibrant in color after they are washed, which is truly amazing.

The good news is that there is no bad smell, which can sometimes happen when items are made from real animal fur. These puff balls are adorable and truly fashionable. They also come with an extra claw hook in order to allow you to attach them to your purse or briefcase. They make a true style statement for all who use them.

The puff ball keychain with ears is undeniably cute. This keychain is eco-friendly and the stitching is meticulous on these keychains, so that it can stand up to much usage. The floral pattern design of the puff ball keychain with ears is very nice.

The clasp for these keychains is very strong and can hold your keys well. The pouch for your lip balm or lipstick is made to the exact size that it should be. This means that the pouch is not too tight or too loose. As a result, your lipstick or lip balm will securely stay in place and will not unexpectedly slip out on you.

Indeed, this puff ball is exactly the same size as shown on the site in the picture. It is nice to know that as a customer, you can expect to get exactly what you see on the website. The puff ball keychain is the exact right size to attach to your purse. The gradation of the color being darker at the base and then being lighter at the tips makes a distinguished statement of elegance and is exquisitely beautiful. The puff ball is so soft and delightful.

Also, these keychains make ideal prizes to give at birthday parties, baby showers and bridal showers. They also make great favors to give to those who attend your wedding ceremony.